Michael would totally be the type of boyfriend who would take a million pictures of you throughout the day no matter what you were doing and save them in a random folder on his phone and you’d be really confused until after he’d left for tour and he’d send you the really awkward ones where you’re making an ugly facial expression and be like ‘me when I have to wake up early’ or something and he’d think he’s the funniest guy around like ok gordon

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What the fuck is in the Malik blood? This is insane. Holy geezus…

i’m feeling very attacked right now

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This is from ages ago but it seriously still sums up 5SOS.

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The goofiest moments from our 5 seconds of summer interview

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Never forget 

What the fuck did luke just do?

are we gonna ignore ashton

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ashton would be that boyfriend that comes over to you when you’re laying on your stomach and starts drumming on your butt like they’re bongos

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The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

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